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Starme KOL will endorse your products and brands

In this era of follower economy, looking for Idol endorsements and celebrity endorsements are one of the channels for brand promotion. The influence of idols is used to drive the consumption of follower groups, which is also the most used method of various brands. Endorsement of products through celebrities can be said to create a “shortcut” for products entering the market within a short period of time and gaining a higher degree of market recognition. Of course, not all brands have the funds to ask celebrities, celebrities, etc. to do trust endorsements for your products. At this time, we can consider asking some Internet celebrities, handsome men and women to share endorsements for us.

Such as the promotion of Red Book matrix

Using the original content of Red book kol to attract users to actively search and expose, compared to the previous traditional marketing methods, it is easier to meet the increase of brand exposure and purchase rate.

Therefore, Starme summarized the red book sharing routines for customers who want to promote in Red Book through the successful case of helping Thompson brand successfully “plant grass and bring goods” in Red book, which can be directly applied!

Internet celebrity matrix linkage dominance screen promotion strategy

For example, when a brand announced new product, or expands exposure, publicity activities, and increases the number of brand followers, KOL can use the simplest and fastest method to transmit information to their followers and obtain traffic.

Therefore, we must attach great importance to the strategy of KOL linkage dominance, and within 15 seconds, users must have the desire to buy and place orders for the brand.

The detailed promotion plan will be customized and planned according to brand attributes.

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