Event planning

In addition to short videos and live broadcasts

Starme can also help  business to publish activities online and offline at the same time.

We can complete the client’s official brand activities from on-site layout, event promotion, process plan, event design, to online event live broadcast promotion. Compared with other offline event planning companies, we can better satisfy customers to achieve powerful event promotion effects for customers.

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Enterprises and institutions raise awareness and accumulate marketing materials by holding various activities. Through our various publicity methods, the company’s external image is widely improved. More importantly, the company organizes various activities to commemorate the development process. If companies plan their own activities, they will often fail to achieve good publicity results and spend high expenses due to insufficient experience.

Starme has many years of experience in event planning, and solves various event demands for customers. Through our resources in various fields, we provide the most cost-effective event planning program.

We know the process and layout of the event site, and carry out creative planning of the event according to the core culture of the company. From planning, creativity, film and television, media to execution, as well as original exclusive customization and strong propaganda capabilities, we can meet the propaganda effect and accumulate brand value that customers hope to achieve.

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