Live streaming service introduction

Live streaming is one of the most popular online sales channels.

STARME has more than 500 domestic and foreign high-quality KOL to provide live selling services for our customers.

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The reason why live e-commerce has such a high conversion rate is because compared with traditional e-commerce, it has unique advantages in the following aspects:

  • Information advantage: the form of instant interaction can provide a better shopping experience

Traditional e-commerce usually introduces products in the form of pictures and texts, and the information transform efficiency is low. If you want to display more product information, you must increase the length of the pictures and texts, which will inevitably increase the reading time and cost of consumers. In comparison, video content is richer in information, and has the advantages of high interest and low reading threshold. It has become the most popular content format for Internet users. Especially for products with strong experience and operability, live demonstrations can display products to consumers more comprehensively and meticulously, allowing consumers to obtain more accurate and true product information.

  • Content advantage: consumer entertainment, eye-catching has become the key

Live commerce is a manifestation of consumer entertainment behaviour, and is essentially a new model that combines commodity consumption and content consumption. According to the statistics of Cass Data, KOL with big number of followers would occupy the forefront of the list of popular KOL with goods. All this shows that in the process of live shopping, consumers are no longer purely consuming goods, but are also consuming content to a certain extent. Therefore, STARME advocates helping business create corporate content and incubating corporate accounts to attract users to consume with corporate content and build emotional resonance.

  •  Trust advantage: KOL economy improves conversion efficiency

The form of live e-commerce injects emotional attributes into online shopping and can establish a trust relationship between MC and consumers. In live e-commerce, KOL can create their own distinctive personal IP through video, and enhance the emotional connection with consumers through content output, making it easier to form a trust relationship with consumers. And compared to traditional e-commerce, live e-commerce can also increase the social relationship between KOL and consumers and consumers through interactive links such as bullet screens and comments. This fission of social relationships further deepens the relationship between KOL and consumers. The emotional connection between them can greatly improve the efficiency of customer acquisition and conversion efficiency. Live e-commerce has developed the traditional e-commerce “people-to-goods” shopping model into a “people-to-person” model, and the consumption habits of online shopping users have gradually changed from “paying for the brand” to “paying for the person” and “for trust.” Pay the bill”.

This product recommendation model based on the trust of KOL has improved the way for users to obtain product information. Consumers usually have the problem of high information acquisition costs when choosing unfamiliar product brands. Live selling goods is based on the trust relationship between KOLs and viewers. Through KOL’s precise selection of products to help consumers make decisions, transactions can be more effectively facilitated. At the same time, the trust relationship between KOLs and audiences can also help brand owners quickly expand brand awareness and recognition, and the effect is far better than traditional product marketing.

  • Supply chain advantage: gather scattered consumers, shorten the circulation of goods, and form an obvious price advantage

Live broadcast e-commerce often has obvious price advantages, especially the goods brought by the head anchor. After considering coupons and gifts, the price of their goods has a discount of 30% to 70% compared with the brand flagship store (data from grassroots Research). This price difference comes from the supply chain advantage of live broadcast e-commerce. On the one hand, live broadcast e-commerce obtains huge purchases by aggregating scattered consumers, so it has strong bargaining power with upstream suppliers; on the other hand, anchors rely on huge traffic and a professional MCN selection team to directly contact and supply Upstream of the chain, unnecessary supply links are shortened, circulation costs are reduced, and lower purchase costs can be obtained. At the same time, the live broadcast of goods promotes goods through the influence of the anchor, which saves advertising and marketing costs and further reduces the price of goods.

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