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When traffic, broadband, tariffs, terminals, etc. are no longer a barrier between consumers and brands, especially driven by the trend of video mobile, information video and video socialization, short video marketing has become a new brand marketing outlet nowadays. More and more companies have begun to carry out brand marketing activities on mobile self-media terminals such as Douyin, Toutiao, Tiktok, Redbook, Taobao, Tencent etc. The era of companies spending high expenses to shoot commercial advertising videos is gone.

For enterprises, the short video cost is comparatively lower, and the result is effective. Traditional corporate videos need to invest a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, but have little effect. However, short video marketing is not only low in cost, but also easier to be accepted and recognized by everyone. Short video marketing in public has become ubiquitous.

Now, let STARME helps you realize 0-distance user viscosity and sales conversion:

1. Create a hot video:

To launch a short video marketing campaign, first we will find a “social topic” that can detonate the user base, collect a question that the target audience really cares about, and then use the extensive expression of the short video form to emphasize it, which will promote the brand. The content will certainly get a lot of audience long for and thus engaging the products and brands.

2. Scenarioizing of brand story promotion:

We don’t like to watch advertisements, but there are always stories that people love to listen to. Compared with the advent of the era of content marketing, companies need to tell a contagious story. In short, it is grounded. For example, the relationship between men and women, the secretary to the boss, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Turning corporate branding into an element or a value proposition and incorporating an infectious story can attract users’ attention, impress them, and naturally share your video, so your corporate brand will also It has been continuously spread.

3. Use “Internet KOL resources” to build emotional bonds

In terms of the communication method of short video marketing, one is to find the right communication method, but to grasp the accurate channel. “Social media influencer” themselves are short video marketing channels. Their influence on this platform is even far greater than that of some stars. This interactive, bottom-up communication model is more in line with the cognitive model of young people, and even A kind of trust transmission is formed in the circle of young people. Relying on the trust transmission of “Internet influencer resources” to build an emotional bond for the brand to dialogue with the target audience is the key to detonating a successful short video marketing.

The following example of short videos show the strength of starme. Creative video and content are the successful secret.

STARME is a team of professional content creators and marketing specialists that have more than 10 years of experiences in video, TV, film productions and social media marketing. Through the alliance with Chinese domestic MCN agencies, we have developed strong and solid insights within the field of e-commerce’s logic and rules in various platforms. StarMe are short video content experts. By applying various video, live streaming and KOL marketing , we are deliciated to help New Zealand businesses drive sales in Asian and International markets through Vlogs, Tiktok, Douyin and other international social media platforms.

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