Short video platform advertisement

STARME is a media partner certified by Tiktok and Douyin.

1. We shorten the time by helping customers develop official tiktok/Douyin accounts through advertising video campaigns, and quickly accumulate followers and consumers. As well as help customers achieve traffic conversion.

2. We use social media advertising to directly help customers deliver product or services to optimized accurate consumer groups that fit the attributes of the company, and help business realize revenue.

Case Reference: Our blog – Social Media Advertising

Advantages of short video marketing advertising:

1. The number of short video users Tiktok is 2 billion, and the daily activity of Douyin is 600 million. The huge active user group ensures that the advertising content is broadly viewed.

2. The quality of active users is very high. Douyin users spend more time on content and use it more frequently than other social platforms. This is an important reason why we recommend customers to choose short video ads.

3. Accurate user positioning system. There is an intelligent optimization system for content coverage and accurate positioning of the crowd. While the cost of advertising is reduced, the conversion rate will also increase.

4. TikTok’s short video advertisement realizes a shorter marketing link, which directly stimulates in-depth interaction and conversion in terms of expression, content, communication and relationship accumulation, and the promotion effect is more direct.

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